“Yes, it’s true, Imagination is greater than knowledge.
But without knowledge, imagination is limited”, by ArtC.

Custom jobs require special attention and different processes for manufacturing.
In the 30 years of experience, I have had to work directly or indirectly with many different types of these machines. From designing, to engineering, to prepping  the files for each specific type of press, or custom printing process. To ordering flexo dies in solids or line screens, or using different meshes for printing silk screens. Since every project requires some type of cutting, I have had to deal with cutting dies for corrugated, CNC for wood, and laser cutters for sheet metal, plastics, wood or even textiles. Commercial Design is not only about printing posters, its about creating anything you can imagine and making it happen through the different existing technologies.


Pre-Production layouts for printing, laminating and die-cutting.