What are End Caps and how are they used at a Retail Store?

Endcaps are displays at the end of the aisle in a store — is part of a contract between you and your grocer. You promise to look at the merchandise and occasionally buy from the end-of-aisle shelves, and your grocer promises to change the contents frequently, price items clearly, and keep it fully stocked and beautiful.

The end cap displays are placed strategically at the end of the aisles or gondolas. They make shoppers have a look at the items placed, even if they are looking for something else in the store and moving from one aisle to another. It is perceived to give a brand a competitive advantage. It is often available for lease to a manufacturer in a retail environment. Products placed on an endcap for sale will sell at a much faster pace than products not on the endcap.

We can say the end caps force the shoppers to have a glance at them, but how? Well, the three sections of the end caps, the top, middle, and bottom, serve different purposes and make for an effective display for the retail outlets. The top shelf shows off a signage and presents the theme of the product. It helps draw attention of the customers towards a newly launched product or a product that is being offered via a great deal for a limited time period. The middle shelf holds the samples of the products for the customers to see and try; it allows engagement between the customers and the products and highlights the products’ features. The bottom shelf is used to display and stock additional quantities of the same products for the customers to access them easily.