I would love to share my story, not for pity, but to share some love with everyone.

With all due respect and my sincerest humbleness. When I lived in Mexico lived in extreme poverty and were giving away at the age of 3. When I came to the U.S. at age of 8, I ate from our neighborhood supermarket trash cans to survive, worked at our neighborhood car wash for 25¢ per car to help my mom ends meet and trash picked till the age of 17.

Thanks to that hardship upbringing, it pushed me to do a whole lot of soul searching. It took me into a wild roller coaster with full conviction in studying theology, philosophy, psychology, astronomy, astrology. Books like Leo Tolstoy, Herman Hesse, Nicolas de Cusa, Sri. Aurobindo, Gandhi, The Christian Bible, Hinduism, Buddhism, Carlos Castañeda, Mother Teresa, Maria Sabina and many more. Many fevers, many headaches, many sweats, many breaking schemes took place.  I wanted to know why I was here for? where did I come from?, what was my purpose on earth?,  what’s life after death, what is GOD? what are dreams? what’s energy? does happiness really exist or is it a ? or WHO AM I REALLY? other than the illusion I perceived my self to be, other than what I was told I was, other than what our culture defines for success to be, other than our religious doctrines, other than all these philosophical views, other than all the opinions that exist on the web. Really who was I?

After all that story, this little boy that grew up barefooted eating from the trash cans was given an artistic talent from the universe and finally graduated from college in 94. My career in Commercial Arts took me to Design for top 500 companies like Disney, Havana’s, Vivendi, Universal, tequila patron, colour pop, frozen and I was also one of the original co-executive directors of the Hollywood Forever Dia de Los Muertos bringing artist from all over the world up to 350 paintings and moving more than 60,000 people. I have also, started working on a new project with Alex Cigolini who has given meditation to the monks up in Tibet, he’s also a singer and practitioner of Pneuma Breathworks, I’ll be bringing meditation into our communities.

Today, I see those experiences as neither good nor bad. “They were just experiences that helped me mold into the person that I am today”. In other words thanks to all that pain and suffering I found me.
Success is knowing yourself, mentally, spiritually and physically. One or the other cannot exist without one or the other. In other words, we cannot focus on just the spirit and leave the mind and the body behind or we cannot just focus on the body and leave the spirit and the mind behind or we cannot just focus just on the mind and leave the spirit and the body behind. In order for us to be in balance, we have to cultivate the mind, the body, and the spirit. When we find ourselves and stop playing victim, we discover GOD inside us all, we discover its essence inside us, in every organ, in every atom, in every cell of our hair, the soul that makes us move is GOD expressing itself through us, without it neither you nor me or anything would exist, GOD is all you and me, its a collective consciousness and were all ONE!, ONE LOVE!, ONE GOD!, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS and it’s up to us to collectively do the living and raise the vibration to a higher level of consciousness through pure LOVE!!!!

Peace, Love and always Good harmony!! Namaste! 

Art Chabolla




“Economically, I survive as a designer, and passionately, live life artistically. But above all, I am first HUMAN, I am one with everything and everything is part of me!!!”.
 I feel the necessity to continually be in motion with the moving space of time, and find the needs to constantly express my self through the arts so that I don’t bottleneck my thoughts and or emotions”. “It’s a superficial jungle out there, nothing is no longer as organic as it used to be and our norms are constantly changing”. In which I have to confront face to face on a day-to-day basis. Understanding and interpreting its living force is my goal. One of my many passions is studying… philosophy, theology, history. Aside from reading and painting, I also like sculpting, writing poetry, playing percussion, meditating and of course praying to the source that everyone calls GOD, ALLAH, OMEGA, DIOS.

Always in contemplation with life!!!

Art Chabolla
Peace, Love and Always Good Harmony


Below is a link of a poem I wrote to inspire our everyday routine of life.
Enjoy!!! Many Blessings to all.


DAD: My three simple priorities are my children,  my happiness and my freedom.

HUSBAND: She is the white clouds sustaining my entire world.

ARTIST: I feel the necessity to continually be in motion with the moving space of time, and find the needs to constantly express my self through the arts so that I don’t bottleneck my thoughts and or emotions”.

I have worked with many non-profit organizations under Xamanism Art & Culture with Spiritual Enlightenment and have organized events for institutions such as… Hollywood Forever Dia de Los Muertos, Mercado La Paloma, Tierra Blanca, Art Place, Grand Performances, Sol Professionals, Semblanza, Belasco Theatre, Casa 0101 and many others..

Our Objective has been to help empower our communities artist, musicians, poets, writers, actors, etc. and help them define the purpose of their existence. Simultaneously, helping to inspire and enrich our communities spirit, new and old generations with substantial Art & Culture performances with events that have included Art Exhibitions, performances, poetry, literature, dance, music, and volunteering. While at the same time, helping Artistic performers survive from their talents through cultural events, community events, fundraisers, non-profit organizations, school events, city events, etc. For they, the artist plays a tremendous role in the changing of our society and culture.

Our purpose was founded on one simple, yet powerful way – The Shaman Way.
What is Xamanism? Shamanism with an X, means witch doctor, guru, medicine man. A shaman is one who goes into an ancestral state of consciousness. An enlightened being beyond normal perception of reality… beyond physical, spiritual and mental. A hue-man with many different abilities for healing and problem-solving. We represent their ways, their teachings and their love for humanity.

Xamanism Art & Culture with Enlightening Purpose is a local art & cultural development firm in Los Angeles, spearheaded by my wife Miriam Chabolla and Me, we have co-produced one of the largest Dia De Los Muertos events in California, with attendees up to 60,000 people and other events all around the city of Los Angeles.







MEDITATING: To Oneness, motherFather God in you.